Areas of Practice

MOAHI ATTORNEYS is primarily active in the following areas of legal practice

Administrative Law

Covers review and challenging of decisions made by public bodies to ensure fairness, accountability and compliance with the rules of natural justice

Commercial Contracts

Preparation and administration of various commercial agreements for clients involved in various industries including, professional services, construction, mining, transport, lending and finanace

Administration of Estates

In which we prepare Wills and similar documents and also handle court cases dealing with inheritance related disputes

Alternate Dispute Resolution

Resolution of disputes inter parties through a more efficient and economically sound form of dispute resolution including but not limited to arbitration and mediation

Contract Law

Cancellation of such.

Competition Law

Which is concerned with the conduct of trades vis-a-vis each other, as well as conduct of traders under the Competition Act of Botswana

Debt Collection

Collection of debts and providing defense against unjustified claims for debt

Family Law

which covers cases concerns divorce, custody of children, child maintenance, rights to bury deceased family members and the general relationship between family members, their rights and duties.

Human Rights Law

which comprises the protection of the fundamental rights protected under the Constitution of the Republic of Botswana.

Labour and Employment

which deals with industrial relation litigation such as dismissals, retrenchments and strikes as well as drafting of employment contracts and collective bargaining agreements.

Pension Law

Which includes leases, sale and possession of immovable property, cession of rights.

Road Traffic Law

Providing defense for persons accused of road traffic offenses, e.g drunken driving, over speeding, motor vehicle collusions etc.

Company Registration

We offer company registration services

General Legal Work

Such as carrying out legal due diligences, providing legal opinion, etc

Criminal Law

Providing defence for persons accused of various acts of criminal nature, e.g. murder cases, robbery, theft etc.

Conveyancing Work

In which we register deeds of title and of security over immovable property with the Deeds Registry offic, i.e. title deeds and mortgage bonds

Delictual Claims

Which cover defamation of character, negligence, master-servant liability and personal injury claims.

Property and Land Law

Which includes leases, sale and possession of immovable property, cession of rights.

Corporate Governance, Risk Management and Compliance

Advising various clients on the on the rules and practices in consonance with the prevailing laws and good commercial practices as well as identification, assessment and prioritization of risk.